Adventures in the Land of Small Structures

My hat’s off to you folks out there who write these things every day. I’ve been staring into the screen for a while now.  I got nuttin! I keep adding pages though and planning content.

Meanwhile! I’ve got a list of about 146 shots for the new Killer Robots movie that I’m slowly working my way through.  All of them are matte paintings of different establishing shots of cities and interiors.  Sometimes to set the scene in a specific location or just for general atmosphere.

Painting Miniatures

Mr. Williams applies a base coat to a series of miniature structures for use in the Killer Robots Next Movie.

My good friend Samuel Williams built a variety of miniatures with which I’m photoshopping and compositing. It’s quite a bit of work, but they’re going fairly fast and give the film a gritty tactile look.

Shot of Pluton, played by Shawn C. Phillips, atop one of Samuel Williams’ creations.